Special Fundraising Events

Super Bowl and March Madness Pool

It’s a fun way for members or non-members to participate in the Super Bowl and March Madness Squares Pool.  Not only can you win some money, but some of the proceeds also go towards raising money for the Boosters too.

The benefit of these two functions is a sense of community while also having a lot of fun with the opportunity/chance to win some money.   It’s also is a fun way to raise money for the Boosters.  This effort raised funds of $750-$800 between the two pools.

Both pools are on an online site. Payment for squares is done using School Pay. The biggest need is at the end when payouts need to occur. No skill is needed, so it makes this a lot of fun for anyone to participate.   An email goes out prior to each event and anyone can sign up to participate.   The Treasurer or other elected committee members help with the payouts. Chairperson has to set up the online sites, create an announcement and monitor the process.

Restaurant Nights

Publicized events will be posted in Glenbard South school announcements. Dine with our local partners and help Glenbard South earn proceeds. It’s a win-win for GBS families and community members to make a impact of funds for Boosters.

Restaurant owners can also contact us directly to make arrangements to boost sales for a weeknight. Offer a free dessert or an incentive to increase traffic of our families and set-up a 10% or more proceeds to Glenbard South Boosters. We are welcome local services, retail or other businesses to offer similar programs. Contact us.


This is an easy opportunity for a volunteer to get involved and an easy way for Boosters to earn money!   One restaurant a month can be set up or an ongoing event, like a Taco Tuesday or Pizza Friday.  Lots of possibilities.


Volunteer researches ideas of local restaurants. Contacts restaurants via email or phone or in-person, sets up dates for event, and publicizes event through Glenbard South school announcements, Boosters Newsletter and other possible creative  avenues such a  social media. Flexible time commitment. 1 or 2 volunteers can run this event.