Senior Showcase

The Senior Showcase is a fundraising event for Boosters where we honor participating Graduating Seniors at the Abbington Distinct Banquets.  Guests attend a luncheon, fashion show, & silent auction.  Participating Seniors perform in the fashion show displaying current fashion trends from local generous merchants.  It’s a wonderful event for all involved especially friends & family of graduating Seniors.  A special day to honor and celebrate the Seniors’ accomplishments.

Many volunteers are needed for this event.  In past years parent volunteers have been chairing multiple committee positions.  More hands make it much easier.  We are asking for an individual to chair each position listed below. The chairperson is responsible to recruit individual committee members to assist them.  This is a great opportunity to involve your friends and family.

  • Senior Showcase Chair- Responsible for overseeing, leading & communicating to Committee Chairs
  • Fashion Show Chair – Contacts retailers, coordinating fashions, fittings, pick up & delivery
  • Models Chair – Responsible for communication with models, determines runs & show timing
  • Choreography Chair – Choreographs the Fashion Show and selects the music
  • Silent Auction Chair – Solicits local businesses for donations, sets up & processes payments
  • Decorations Chair- Decorates event venue in alignment with annual theme
  • Sales & Marketing- Responsible for marketing, sales, venue liaison & table assignments
  • Writing Chair- Coordinate writers and approves & edit all material.  Oversee MCs.
  • Program Chair-Creates Program Layout, works with Writing Chair to edit and finalize program.
  • MCs- Speak throughout the show to the guests, commentary for Fashion Show
  • Slide Show – Collect Photos from Seniors and Create Slide Show

Additional support is needed the day of the show to fill the below positions

Set Up
Behind the Scenes Dressing Room Support
Silent Auction Set Up & Sales
Event Ticket Check In/Program Distribution
Fashion Drop Off
Clean Up
Let’s keep the tradition alive with the support of volunteers!

Senior Showcase: Typically held annually in the spring at a local banquet facility, this fund-raising event features students in the senior class. Chairperson(s) coordinate many subcommittees, including models, store fashions, commentary, ticket sales, program, DJ or music, choreography, and silent auction/raffle baskets. (Detailed notebook w/ideas, suggestions, previous reports available.) Coordinate with Treasurer for cash boxes/bank, reimbursement and deposits.