Boosters Pubic Relations

Newsletter: Receive articles from officers and committees for input into newsletter.  Format and submit for review by Co-Presidents and principal.  Dates/deadlines coordinated with the Executive Board.  Send newsletter to website chair for posting.  Work with copy/mailing volunteers to execute mailing.  Request address labels from the office staff and schedule copy & mailing of the newsletter and use of work room.  Provide copies to staff mailboxes and mail copies to non-parent booster members. *(Currently, the newsletter is published twice yearly in late summer and January.)

Publicity Committee

Chairperson Responsibilities are to publicize Booster related events via email blast to booster members and those requesting to be on the distribution. Chairperson sends blasts that are preapproved by President/Co-Presidents and distributes them at least weekly, more often for special requests and urgent needs. Chairperson receives membership updates at least quarterly from the Membership Chairperson or delegate and keeps the email distribution list up to date including removing those who wish to be removed from the distribution. Chairperson also monitors and forwards as necessary email received to the email address weekly during the school year. No volunteers are needed for this committee. Responsibilities usually start 2 weeks prior to start of school year and conclude with the last week of the school year. Blasts are not sent during the first week of winter break.